Frequently Asked Questions

“What kind of church are you?”

NewLife Church teaches and follows the doctrines of traditional Christianity. We like to call ourselves “generically biblical”.

“What denomination are you?”

We’re affiliated with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN), the oldest Charismatic Christian denomination in the world. The Church of God currently has around 6 million members in over 150 countries.

“What are your services like?”

Uplifting! The music is contemporary and the messages are designed to be both challenging and meaningful. We don’t try and focus on being too casual or too formal (we try to keep the focus on Christ!) and we believe that worship can both reverence God and attract people. We really believe that God cares where you spend eternity, and the teachings and messages here are designed to enable you to grow in a genuine, intimate walk with Christ. We know that it’s only when you live the life that you were created to live, that you’ll find the joy that comes with it, and we want each of our worship services to be a tool to help you discover and walk in God’s perfect plan for your life.

“What is the makeup of the congregation?”

All over the board. The congregation ranges from blue to white collar, young and older, multi-ethnic, married and single. We believe that no matter who you are you should not only be welcome, but feel welcome also. Before and after Sunday morning service, join us for some free coffee and baked goods at our Connection Café -- we’d really like to get to know you too!

“What is there for my kids?”

Glad you asked! Our children’s program makes kids want to be in church. During our Sunday services we have children’s church (ages 5-12), and supervised nurseries for the littler ones. Parents with children in our nurseries also receive a pager for added peace of mind. On Wednesday evenings there are classes for all age groups. Our teachers and ministry leaders are some of the best around, and all of them have a heart for serving those they minister to. Throughout the year we have programs such as Vacation Bible School, class trips, and other events that make learning about God both fun and exciting.

“What about the teens?”

Our youth group is fired up! On Wednesday evenings we have classes designed especially for teens. There are also various youth events throughout the year such as Winterfest, lock-ins, community and ministry activities, and more. Our youth group is truly a welcoming, comfortable place for teenagers to be.

“How is your church different than other churches?”

Well, we’re not what you might call a “traditional church”, but we’re not particularly interested in following trends either. We’re very aware that it’s popular to focus on what God can do for you and what blessings He may offer, but we understand that Jesus didn’t die so that we can have bigger houses and more toys, and that it’s only when people prioritize what He DID live, die, and rise again for, that we become able to walk in what truly are His blessings. We’re not concerned with simply being “relevant”, or with feel good motivational clichés, when more and more that means making the church look so much like the world that there’s no noticeable difference in the way we live and the state of our homes and relationships. We believe that when you take God seriously, He takes you seriously, and that there is the atmosphere where life-change begins. We also prioritize fellowship, and it’s actually hard not to get to know people here. It’s definitely a community within the community. Our services are upbeat, and our messages and studies are geared towards applying biblical truths in the 21st century world we live in. What we don’t do is condescend to people, try and agree with everyone, or “water down” the Word of God to make it more palatable. Our goal is to lead people into a genuine, saving, life-changing relationship with God according to His plan, not just fill seats.

“What is your leadership structure like?”

Well, if you hate organized religion you’ll love us! :-) Seriously though, we believe very strongly in trust and integrity in our leadership. Each person involved in leadership here has shown that they are called, equipped, and accountable. Background checks are mandatory for everyone working in leadership, and we have a 6 month consistent attendence requirement before anyone can even apply to serve in, or to train for, leadership in any capacity. By setting these standards as we have, we can place gifted people in ministry and give them the freedom to serve as they are uniquely called to. As the Bible teaches that pastors are given to the church to equip the body for ministry, (not do all the ministry!) we teach that every believer is called to serve Christ according to His purpose for their life. Therefore we offer both men and women the opportunity to serve in leadership roles in the church, and encourage service to the community as a means of representing Jesus to the world around us. We believe that one of the most exciting aspects of becoming part of the Body of Christ is discovering your area of service.

If you have any other questions about our church, please contact us at 954.427.4253 or via e-mail at