Lighthouse Men’s Ministries

Why Men’s Ministries?

Men’s Ministries in the Lighthouse Church exists for the purpose of meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of our men, our church, and our community. We meet together regularly throughout the year to build friendships and encourage one another, but we also feel the call of God to reach out with the love and compassion of Christ, and to take that love and the abilities He’s given us, to the world we live in.

To this end, we identify the needs around us, and commit ourselves as servants to help meet them. Spiritually, our goal is to build men to be husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders, to guide men through that process, encourage them to fulfill God’s call on their lives, and share fellowship with one another.

We welcome you to join us for any of our meetings, or to share a need in our community that you’re aware of. Though we can’t meet every need, it is our strong desire to display Jesus’ heart beyond the walls of the church.

For dates, times and other info regarding any of our men’s meetings or projects, please call the church office at 860.564.0445. Event dates are also announced in the church’s Sunday bulletin.

“But you, man of God... pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.” (1Timothy 6:11)